Promoter combinations

We used ART to improve tryptophan productivity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through promoter combinations.

Protein expression levels

ART leveraged proteomics data to predict improved production of limonene and dodecanol in E. coli, and to hit target metabolites’ levels to achieve hoppy flavor in hopless beer from bioengineering of S. cerevisiae.

iGEM 2021 Competition

ART was used in the project aiming to reduce nitrogen emissions by engineering Saccharomyces spp. to produce alpha-amylase. The Groningen 2021 team used ART to predict which combination of chassis, promoter, secretion peptide and alpha-amylase encoding gene would result in a high alpha-amylase activity. The project won in the environmental track of the competition.

In progress

Media optimization

ART is being used to improve titer/yield of different products by optimizing media compositions across a range of organisms.


ART is being used to improve the production of industrial aromatics using multi-gene CRISPRi/a programs.